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Race Relations Seminars

Multi-Textural Hands-On Classes Career Changing Speakers 

Feb. 10-12
@Royal Sonesta, New Orleans

Program Overview

Picture finally getting the courage to try that hot, new hair color you always wanted then going to a salon and being denied service because the stylist does not do “your kind of hair.” Not a good feeling, right? Those few words of rejection can easily be mistaken for race discrimination in addition to texture discrimination if the client’s hair and/or race is different from the stylists.


In fact, the underlying reason behind those few words may simply be that hairstylists themselves may be fearful of coloring or styling textures of hair different from their own out of fear of damaging it, getting negative reviews from the color not appearing correctly, or simply not having the patience to step outside of their comfort zone in applying various colors on different textures.



It doesn’t matter if the client’s hair is straight, wavy, curly or kinky, a true colorist can do it all!  Stylists are artists, first and foremost, so it’s important to have both knowledge and creative skills in styling all textures and lengths of hair.



The Kolour Kulture Texture vs. Race Summit will equip you with the power to overcome all your personal challenges when it comes to coloring textured hair.  You will leave this event fully equipped with solid pointers for formulating the right color solutions and tactics to increase your profitability by mastering diverse hair textures.



In today’s mixed and culturally diverse communities, now more than ever before is the time to leave all sensitivity, biases, and social stereotypes at the door to serve clients of all hair types and ethnic backgrounds.  Kolour Kulture is pleased to present the Texture vs. Race Summit as your go-to resource to give you the career breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

 Student Testimonials

 We are a part of the solution

~Russell Romano 

Program Schedule

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Click Here To Check Out Keya Neal As She Breaks-Down 

Texture Vs Race



“The ethnic market is growing day by day. Now more than ever before, hairstylists are confronted with a multi-textural clientele requesting color services and more while embracing their natural curls. For this reason, the Texture Vs Race Summit was established to empower ALL stylists with the required skills to meet the needs of today's diverse clientele without making them feel marginalized.”


~ Keya Neal, founder of Kolour Kulture

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