Join us in Baltimore for three days of DEI training and textural education. In this safe space we will dismantle the industry's biases surrounding texture and race, educate you on the various fabrics of hair, and provide hands-on learning so artists walk away confident in being part of the movement to create a more textural inclusive industry.

  • Day  1 - TVR Soiree

  • Day 2 & 3 - Technical & Hands-On Education

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Bring the Texture VS Race experience to your salon or brand. Learn the history of hair, deconstruct biases surrounding texture and race, and learn how to cut, color, and style all textures of hair.



The different between a good stylist and a great artist is the thirst for knowledge. Keya's signature classes deliver the science behind color and the fabric, while the Texture VS Race Collaborative offer members continued and equitable education.