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Join the industry-changing movement to create a texturally and racially inclusive environment in the chair and behind the scenes of the beauty industry.

The Texture VS Race Summit is a three-day educational summit that provides beauty professionals with a texturally-inclusive cutting, coloring and styling curriculum through hands-on and hearts-in education.


Touch Your Heart

Learn the history of textural and racial discrimination in both society and the beauty industry.


Change Your Mind

Unlearn biases related to texture and race that cause inhibition towards working with texture.


Show Your Eyes

Watch demo styling services that cover consultation, bowl work, and finishing on a variety of textures.


Move Your Hands

Participate in guided hands-on classes, DEI workshops, and active listening activities.

Put $100 down and get $200 in credit towards your admission. Full launch in June. Tiered ticket pricing will range from $249 for one day - $1699 for full sessions. Ticket schedule will release by June.


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Host & Texture VS Race founder

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Keya Neal is a former stylist of 28 years turned color educator, speaker, and DEI consultant who’s breaking the textural and racial boundaries segregating the pro hair industry. She is the founder of the Kolour Kulture and Texture VS Race, both focused on teaching stylists how to identify and work with hair of all textures. Additionally, Keya’s REPAIRations program partners with Texture VS Race Collab Coaches to provide underserved stylists with equitable education. Keya strives to provide Black stylists with equitable education, while championing diversity and inclusion behind the chair and behind the scenes of the salon industry.


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