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of Black Women face challenges finding consistent, quality hair care at salons.


of stylists reported wishing they had more training in how to style textured.


of Americans say they're inspired by beauty brands that show diversity.

*KRC Research


As stylists, finding texturally inclusive education is crucial to the longevity and success of our careers. The world is diversifying at a rapid rate, but client's are still being turned away due to our industry's lack of textural knowledge.


The Texture VS Race Membership is your resource for texture-inclusive technical education and digital conversations to develop your understanding of hair as a fabric, not a race. Education includes digital classes by Keya Neal and the Texture VS Race Collaborative, replays of educational events, and guest education.

By creating opportunities for conversation and community, we foster a safer space for us to grow as we work to dismantle biases and develop our cultural competence. By taking a critical look at the world around us, the marketing used, and societal attitudes, we can expand the lens which we understanding others..


Join the Texture VS Race Community to engage in discussion and participate in digital sessions to explore what it means to be an inclusive individual in the salon and in your personal life.


Whether straight, wavy, curly, or coily, our education is inclusive of all textures. Learn how to identify the physical components that comprise hair texture, the chemistry behind color, and how to identify and care for a range of hair types at a base level to begin creating inclusive salon spaces.

Gain access to Keya's signature color education, replays of previous education events, and classes by the Texture VS Race Collaborative and partner educators. 

Plus, engage with a community the encourage discussion through groups and digital session to develop your cultural competence.

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Regular Upload Schedule

Continue learning throughout the year with new class uploads from Keya Neal, The Collaborative, and partner educators.

Texture-Inclusive Education

Learn how to apply your skills to clients of all textures. Include's Keya's signature color educatoin.

Replay of In-Person Classes

Education library includes replays of signature events and hair show classes.

Community Discussions

Exclusive digital community and live conversations for the inclusive-minded stylists.




Inclusive Education

Strengthen your ability to work on all textures of hair with access to our digital education library, which includes:

  • The extended version of Keya's signature color education.

  • Replays of previous Texture VS Race Summit and RepHAIRations events.

  • Classes hosted by the Texture VS Race Collaborative and Guest artists.

$47 / Month


Collaborative Membership

Get access to all digital education in addition to expanding the conversation to develop cultural competence and inclusive spaces. This includes:

  • Access to the Inclusive Education digital library

  • Bi-weekly "Keya Unplugged" live huddle sessions to discuss topics related to textural and racial inclusion.

  • Exclusive access to the Texture VS Race Community group.

  • Priority access to podcasts, blogs, and other works featuring Keya.

$147 / Month


Mastermind Membership

For beauty professionals dedicated to moving the beauty industry in an inclusive direction and working on your personal DEI and anti-racism journey.

  • Access to the Inclusive Education digital library & "Keya Unplugged"

  • Develop your cultural competence and leadership skills with bi-weekly intensive group Q&A session.

  • Explore concerns specific to your needs as an inclusive beauty professional with Monthly Mastermind 1-on-1 sessions.

    • Bonus first month on-boarding session.

$977 / Month


Ready for even more texture inclusive education? In addition to Keya's classes and replays of previous education events, your membership comes with education from the Texture VS Race Collaborative team. Education will cover color, styling, natural hair, how to create inclusive environments, and more.




Ready to take your first step in being part of the movement to create an industry that is more texturally and racially diverse? 


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