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Texture Vs Race Summit 2020 Baltimore, MD

The Texture Vs Race Summit had humble beginnings as a single class at The Summit hosted by the American Board of Certified Hair Colorist. The response and support was so overwhelming that Texture Vs Race launched a summit of it's very own in New Orleans in February of 2019. Now Texture Vs Race is heading to Baltimore for it's next summit and it's going to be bigger than ever! With swag bags full of product and tools from sponsors, industry leading education on hair texture, business coaching, race relations lessons, and hands-on styling demonstrations, Texture Vs Race Summit in Baltimore is ready to show you why Texture Vs Race has become a nationwide movement!

What You Get Out of the

Texture Vs Race Summit...

What has Texture Vs Race done for stylists who don't know where to turn when it comes to expanding their clientele and their skill set? It has given them the technical know-how on how color works with textured and chemically treated hair down to the molecular level. More importantly, it is opening doors and creating conversations between those of different backgrounds and ethnicities so that they can better understand those around them to foster a truly diverse environment.





The Texture Vs Race Summit brings stylists from across the country together to unite under the guidance of some of the industry's top talents and coaches. Our educators will not only share their specialized techniques, but also dish out advice on how they navigated the industry to get to where they are in their career. Consult our educators during the Power Panel discussions to have all your burning questions answered.

Keya Neal

Kolour Kulture

The mastermind behind Texture Vs Race and the founder of Kolour Kulture, Keya has been using her passion for color and textural knowledge to educate those around her. Now, she has earned a seat at the table as she is re-writing the standardized education pertaining to textured hair and advocating for diversity. To learn more about Keya, visit her about section.

  • Keya Neal

Danielle Green

Radically Curly

If you could describe Danielle's approach to hair, it would be "curls and confidence." Proficient in all texture, Danielle is a curly specialist who helps her clients find what is unique and beautiful about their curls so that they can feel confident in their natural state. Danielle is the owner of Radically Curly Salon, where she reinforces her stance on spreading radical positivity and self love.

  • Danielle Green

Kinah Curtis

The Retail Boss

Also known as "The Retail Boss", Kinah has served as an educator to aspiring cosmetologists for over 16 years. Kinah's hard work, dedication, and goal achieving not only elevated her career to new levels, but she uses that same energy to focus on business and salon training which helps to better the beauty industry as a whole. As a cosmetology instructor, Kinah provides curriculum and specialty training as a textured specialist, retail lead, final phase prep, and more for companies that include Influance Hair Care Products, Paul Mitchell, the Weave Experts International Team, and more!

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Jin Bang

Jin Bang Hair

A Washing D.C. native with a national presence, Jin Bang has taught cutting edge styling technique classes in over 75 cities in North America. With 22 years of experience in the industry, Jin has served as an educator for Bumble & Bumble, boasts an impressive celebrity clientele, mastered the art of balayage at Shade Studios, and spearheaded the first USDA NOP certified natural styling line for professionals. Jin services clients out of his own salon and is a National Artist for haircare line Living Proof.

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Maya Smith

The Doux

You might recognize the colorful and bright aesthetic of her internationally renowned product line and salon, The Doux and The Doux Salon respectively. Maya is a veteran stylist with over 25 years of experience, specializing in taking care of and nurturing textured hair. Paired alongside her hyper-successful product line that has found its way it major retailers, Maya is the perfect coach for those looking for guidance on how to expand their career.

  • Maya Smith

Kashonna Holland

Simply Kashonna

Kashonna Holland, President and CEO of Simply Kashonna, is a keynote speaker, inspirational coach, motivational author, and corporate trainer. Using her skills and experience, she helps others to live boldly, fearlessly, and courageously. In the corporate arena, Kashonna helps to create strategic growth and personal development. Discover yourself with Kashonna as s leadership development and personal empowerment. 

  • Stephanie Mero
Texture Vs Race Installment Plans

Get the ultimate Texture Vs Race experience with VIP Tickets that come with the following perks:


  • Access to 2 power luncheon panels

  •  A swag big filled with products and tools from our sponsors

  • Another swag bag full of Texture Vs Race goodies

  • VIP priority seating

  • First choice for hands on model selection

  • Entry into a product giveaway drawing which features a collection of professional size products

  • And much more!

Book Your Hotel Room

 The 2020 Texture Vs Race Summit will be hosted at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront (700 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21202). Book your room at our special rate HERE.

You asked and we heard you! Introducing Texture Vs Race Academy, a membership platform created to meet the educational needs of those that desire to learn to do textured and curly hair! You wanted a place to discover where you can look, learn, and ask about texture, and we made one!

Texture Vs Race Academy allows you to SEE the techniques used to create beautiful looks. This is not just about curly hair, we will be demonstrating techniques for ALL textures of hair via live interactive videos.

Members can expect

  • 3 Live videos: 2 Interactive and 1 theory based Q&A

Students will be able to view the videos at any time for their convenience. 

Texture Vs Race Break Down

Click Here To Check Out Keya Neal As She Breaks-Down 

Texture Vs Race



“The ethnic market is growing day by day. Now more than ever before, hairstylists are confronted with a multi-textural clientele requesting color services and more while embracing their natural curls. For this reason, the Texture Vs Race Summit was established to empower ALL stylists with the required skills to meet the needs of today's diverse clientele without making them feel marginalized.”


~ Keya Neal, founder of Kolour Kulture

It doesn’t matter if the client’s hair is straight, wavy, curly or kinky, a true colorist can do it all!