November 1, 2021
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We would like to present the second ever “repHAIRations,” taking place on November 1st! It is time for all of us to take action to REPAIR our industry and serve REPARATIONS to the community that has been underserved and underrepresented. The second ever, this event brings healing and repair to a damaged industry through our core mission. The Texture Vs Race mission is to elevate the industry through education for ALL hairdressers about ALL textures.

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Recently the dialogue has shifted in the beauty industry. Textured hair has taken center

stage. We are educating the masses on texture, but there still exists another market that is

still being underserved: the black hairstylist.

  • Less than 20% of the black community go to the predominantly white trade shows.

  • Most educational marketing material do not make it to urban pipelines.

  • Major brands do not participate in ethnic dominate shows.

It’s time we address the mutual lack of education for the black stylist when styling straighter

textures of hair. While there is no shortage of “straight hair education,” there is a shortage

of this education reaching the black community.

Our intention is to educate the black/brown community at the same rate that we are

educating the white market. We must level the playing field for all stylists.

Cross pollination of education is required to repair this broken system.


We all must continue to evolve, as our industry is forever changed.

Through the racial uprising, we have unearthed the divide that exists in the beauty

industry and it is time to close this gap. It is time to repair and rebuild- better,

stronger and more united.

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THE EVENT 11.01.21

repHAIRations is a full day of online education and a forum for open dialogue about

multi-cultural styling. This will include LIVE Look, Learn, & Listen education showcasing black & white artists, educators, session stylists, and influencers.

For each ticket purchased, we will award a gratis ticket to a BIPOC This is a part of the reparations that provide equity to the black community of hairstylists. This is a form of allyship. We need YOU to do your part in shaping this industry into a viable entity where everyone thrives. We must make room, not take up more room.

In addition to the scholarship award, your ticket sales will be used to support our favorite charities and Black Organizations- Until Freedom & Harriet's Dream. We will also provide aid to black students who may be struggling with day-to-day expenses associated with mastering their crafts. 


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General Admission tickets

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Some of the industry’s top artists are donating their amazing talents, time, and voice to our platform.


It’s important to understand that we ALL play a part in the repairing of the beauty industry.


Help spread the word by sharing this event on your platforms.

General Admission tickets

(Non-Black stylists)

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We appreciate your willingness to be a part of something that is bigger than us individually. Whether you are a brand,

an artist, or a stylist, thank you.


By sharing your gifts, voices, privilege, resource, or platform, you are supporting the MOVEMENT, providing restitution to some, and modeling an example of professional cohesiveness to

ALL beauty professions all over the world.

Keya  Artistically Neal

Beauty Brand  D & I Consultant



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Wella has been at the heart of hairdressing since its inception in 1880, passionately shaping the salon professional industry through ground-breaking innovation, creative inspiration, expert education and close salon partnerships. Wella’s portfolio of leading and trusted brands includes Wella Professionals, Sebastian Professional, Clairol Professional, Kadus Professional, Nioxin, ghd and OPI.  Our products and services are distributed in more than 100 countries across the world, making hair color, care and styling dreams real every day for millions of stylists and their clients worldwide. 

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Through PBA, we unite to achieve that goal. We provide Members with valuable resources, support, and connections to help elevate and grow careers and the industry: empowering Members to do their best work, while supporting and advocating for them along the way. 

We’re proud to connect you with some of the most passionate talent in the beauty industry to help grow and support your career, brand, and business into something great.

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Wella Hair Color Global Ambassador. Briana has been in the industry for over thirteen years and has always had a passion for hair and the fashion Industry. A fresh and unique approach to hair styling has earned Cisneros a loyal client base including a list of celebrity and influential individuals. Briana is a sought-after visionary in her field. Her inspiring journey is a testament to her love for creating beautiful transformations.

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Diane’s impeccable reputation for hair artistry and an academic approach to the study of hair texture have revolutionized the cutting and shaping of hair.

Armed with a business degree and years of professional hair care, business management and marketing experience, Diane used her savvy business acumen to create two of metropolitan Washington’s most highly sought beauty destinations. Her expertise also offers effective salon management, marketing best practices, revenue growth, profitability and work-life balance instruction to salon owners and stylists throughout the United States and abroad.

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Over the last 10 years Cassandra has been privileged to speak on stages internationally sharing her love for haircolor on behalf of some of the largest haircolor companies sharing stage with some of the biggest industry icons such as Gordon Miller, Sam Villa, Robert Cromeans, Justin Isaac and Jenny Strebe. Her passion for education has lead her to be one of the most requested color educators in the country. She is also sought out for her insight on salon business and social media best practices. She has been featured in many of the leading industry magazines, in fact, in 2015 she was named as one of Modern Salon’s “Top Five Instagrammers to Watch.”  She has also been a featured panelist on 9 HairBrained Social Media panels, and on Tracy Hugh’s Leading Ladies panel. 

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For more than 20 years, educator and master hair stylist Jamal Edmonds has consistently created a buzz within the hair industry.  Graduating in the top percentile of his class from Bennett Career Institute, Jamal obtained a certification in management, as well as, his cosmetology license from the District of Columbia Board of Barber and Cosmetology.  He is the owner and creative director of Lamaj in the City and Boutique Lamaj, both located in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Jamal joined Mizani as an educator, teaching specialized advanced theory classes, as well as, a series of specially curated classes on business, hair extensions, and texture.  He performs tradeshow and special product presentations for both Mizani distributors and salon professionals.

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misael aponte

color visionary

& International

Color Director for

Oligo Professional


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Naeemah LaFond

Amika Global

Artistic Director


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November 1, 2021
Event Time

General Admission tickets

(Non-Black stylists)




repHAIRation Itinerary 



10:00am Introduction by Keya Neal

10:10 Chat with Pamela Rhett

10:20 Redken/Mizani featuring

Cassandra Platinum & Jamal Edmonds

11:10 Joico featuring Leticia


Ready to take hold of bold color and have a red-hot time while you’re at it? In this dynamic, high-impact red class with Joico Artist, Leticia Everett (Tee), you’ll learn how to make truly vibrant color come to life through the infectious joi that Leticia brings to her spot-on instruction. With a comprehensive, start-to-finish approach, Leticia will guide you through every aspect of the journey to perfect red – from pre-lightening secrets that deliver extra longevity, to tricky formula changes, and even a spectacular approach to color melting without foils, mesh, or plastic wrap. You’ll also learn:

•       How to consistently create lush, vibrant red looks

•       Tricks for properly pre-lightening dark hair

•       The art of creating a stretched root

•       Why the next generation of bond-building is your best friend

•       Easy ways to ramp up your salon ticket sales


If red is in your head right now, this is the class of the season!

12pm Naeemah LaFond

12:50 Session ends

12:50 - 1:05 BREAK

1:05 Chat with Carole Protat

1:15 Nioxin featuring Diane Stevens

The Art of Curly Hair: There is a new movement in cutting & styling Curly Hair!!

Diane will focus on 3 important curl-keys:  (key #1) proper consultation, (key #2) understanding curl patterns, (key #3) shape/cut & style.

2:05 Professional Sebastian

featuring Omar Antonio

Sebastian cutting techniques by Omar Antonio 

Follow step-by-step as Omar showcases some of his favorite cutting techniques. He will be demonstrating creative techniques such as skimming, deep point cutting and filtering. Watch as he creates amazing transformations using various Sebastian finishing products to showcase the versatility of his haircuts. This will be an immersive

interactive course you’ll not want to miss!

2:55 Wella Professionals

featuring Briana Cisneros

Lighten it, twist it and reverse it. 

Unlocking the steps to achieving that perfect balayage blend when

lifting hair to its lightest potential. I will be covering Foilayage techniques that take into consideration all things like hairlines, growth patterns, texture, density, elasticity and more. I will be revealing some of my favorite toning tricks along with some go to formulations and how to make it suitable for your client. 


3:45 Wella ColorCharm & Clairol Professional featuring Oliver Adams

The Art of Textures & Tones

We will explore how to create perfect blondes and res on “muti-cultural” textures.

4:35 Sam Villa

 DryCutting, A Visual Exercise


Fundamentals of DryCutting the Sam Villa way

Visualize Shape and Analyze Hair Fabric

Compressed Shaping …the how and why

Time saving DryCutting techniques


5:10 Schwarzkopf featuring Brittany Bradley

Dimensional Perfection

Achieving dimensional looks using creative placements. Upping your balayage & foilage game to dimensional perfection.

5:55 Misael Aponte

Mindful Color Placement

 How many times has a color not ended up where you intended it to be? Misael shares how he analyzes the head’s anatomy and haircut lines to understand where color needs to be placed for maximum visual impact.

6:30 Tatum Neil

7:05pm Closing remarks by Keya Neal