Texture Vs Race Brings Together Industry Professionals to Finally Confront the Elephant In the Salon

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Hair colorists from across the country are banding together to get real on industry-wide challenges related to texture vs race in a big way. Global hair coloring organization, Kolour Kulture, is the catalyst for the Texture VS Race movement -- a movement designed to empower industry hair colorists with confidence, knowledge, and the skill set to overcome fears related to servicing clients with hair textures different from their own. Moreover, Texture VS Race aims to discontinue the trepidation many salon professionals experience when confronted with clients of diverse textures by offering lectures, look & learns hands-on presentations and interactive roundtables led by some of the most successful multi-textured hair specialists and colorists in the industry.

Kolour Kulture founder Keya Neal is spearheading this movement to help fellow industry peers finally confront the elephant in the room so that they can become a more empowered and skilled workforce. “The ethnic market has changed, textured clients are getting more color services while embracing their natural curls and Kolour Kulture simply wants to make sure ALL stylists are prepared to serve any client that walks through their doors without making them feel marginalized,” said Keya.

Keya recently hosted a couple of Facebook Live chats, including one with hair colorist, Noelle Weathermax, to further discuss this dilemma that colorists in the hair industry face. The ladies dug deep while addressing the common thread in the industry that somewhat cripples it -- the lack of preparedness of stylists to style and color a variety of client textures.  In this informative, raw, and real live chat, the ladies expressed that the root of this issue actually lies in the fact that many stylists simply don't know what they don't know or have not been exposed to proper education on texture.  Keya discussed how this issue is ultimately what disables stylists from making even more money. It is for these reasons that the Kolour Kulture seeks to alleviate the lack of knowledge and openness to learn more about textures while creating educational platforms that shatters comfort zones and enables hair professionals to remain flexible in their fields, expand their clienteles and ensure career longevity.

Keya plans to take the movement on the road to share her expertise through the premiere Texture VS Race Summit, kicking off February 10-11, 2019 in Royal Sonesta, New Orleans. The 2-day summit will cover race relations, hand-on education, and monetizing multi-textural clientele. All attendees will leave with key insights on how to debunk myths on texture and race and adopt the professional techniques to properly and safely color various types of hair textures. Plus, the summit will offer attendees numerous networking opportunities, the chance to have honest peer-to-peer discussions, and much more!

Joining the movement of inclusion is the Texture Vs Race Host Committee, which is comprised of industry educators and leaders. Members of the host committee will conduct demonstrations and classes on hair styling, finishing, coloring, along with sessions in business development and growth. Host committee members includes textured hair colorist Leysa Carrillo, DevaCurl certified stylist Kristy Ramos, founder of Elevate hair show Tatum Neill, inspirational coach and corporate trainer Kashonna Holland, founder of PassionSquared Nina Kovner, and owner of Radically Curly Salon Danielle Green.

Texture Vs Race is grateful for the support of its following sponsors who are dedicated to helping spread the message of inclusivity: America Board of Certified Haircolorist, Kim Kimble Professional Products, ERGO Styling Tools, Kavella, Tri Professional Haircare and Products, Tutto Colors, Framar, Esssations Hair Care, Mizani, Newsha Private Haircare, The Doux, and Olaplex.