Inagural Texture Vs Race Summit Recap, Plus Sneak Peak at What's to Come

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Hi guys!

I am so proud to announce that our first ever Texture Vs Race summit was AN IMMENSE SUCCESS! I am so thankful for everyone who attended and for the support of our sponsors as we embarked on a weekend that was as emotional as it was educational. If you missed it, I took to Facebook Live to recap everything that happened during the two-day summit. Click here to watch the video in full or keep reading for a brief recap on the event. Check out what people have been posting on Instagram by searching the hashtag #TextureVsRace

What's Next for Texture Vs Race?

What does the future hold next for the amazing Texture Vs Race movement? I'm planning to take Texture Vs Race to you! We understand that education is the foundation of everything that we do as stylists, and we are going to be taking Texture Vs Race to various cities across the nation to spread our message! Keep an eye out for more information as we start announcing dates and locations as we get Texture Vs Race on the road!

- Keya Neal


Texture Vs Race Summit 2019: The Recap

"We talked about cutting, coloring, all types of styling, how to create an inclusive work environment, HR, business, retail, we had a cosmetic chemist... Do you want to know anything and everything about hair? Show up to Texture vs Race, because any question you have there will be an expert there for it." - Noelle Weatherwax, Texture Vs Race Attendee.

Day 1 Introduction to Texture Vs Race

Kashonna Holland of Simply Kashonnaled our opening class that covered the implementation of diversity through our actions. Opening up the conversation, tears were shed as attendees dove deep into controversial, racially charged ad campaigns and spoke about the emotional labor behind them

Our Power Lunch Panel for day one included Danielle Green of Radically Curly, Kashonna

Holland of Simply Kashonna, and Kristy Ramos of Sunflower and Scissors speaking on the topic of best hair care. Kavellafounder, haircare chemist Ashley Feinberg, also weighed in about the importance of ingredients.

Kolour Kulture Founder, Keya Neal, presented the summit's cornerstone class, Texture Vs Race. Breaking down the science of hair texture, to the growth structure and chemical changes that occur during coloring, this crash course set the tone for the summit to create a foundation for all of the education throughout the weekend.

Day 2 Education and Grand Finale

Danielle Green kicked off day two of Texture Vs Race covering the rise of the polyethnic consumer, and how it is in the hands of stylists to spread the knowledge and love it takes to care for one's hair in a world that's becoming more texturally diverse than ever before.

Demonstrating her mastery of the curl, Kristy Ramos conducted a curly cutting demo while talking about the special care and attention that curly hair requires. She also gave in-depth insight on curly hair products and how each one works differently.

Known for her beautiful coloring techniques, Lesya Carrillodemonstrated her mastery of color that allows her to achieve a balayage effect on curls without compromising the curl's structure. She also presented a master class in professionalism and consultating, helping stylist to take charge of any situation they may face.

Texture Vs Race attendees put what they learned to the test during the Round Robin and Grande Finale! Led by the educators, attendees worked in groups on a variety of hair textures for a hands-on and in-depth experience. We were also honored with a performance by Tatumn Neill of Elevate and the violinist T-Ray during the Round Robin that kept the energy and excitement at an all-time high as everyone applied what they learned over the weekend. See more photos of the great action below!

A Thank You to Our Sponsors

Texture Vs Race is grateful for the support of its following sponsors who are dedicated to helping spread the message of inclusivity: America Board of Certified HaircoloristKim Kimble Professional ProductsERGO Styling ToolsKavellaTri Professional Haircare and ProductsTutto ColorsFramarEsssations Hair CareMizaniNewsha Private HaircareThe Doux, and Olaplex.