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Most people do not see a change in their color career with just one class.  Now is a good time for us to buckle down and really dive into color.  That’s why I’m putting together a 12 block group coaching session. The Koaching membership gives you access to (12) 1 hour sessions of color education. These webinar classes are live and are designed to give education in small but heavy doses while answering your questions with live feedback.  

You will have the opportunity to take away at home 

challenge questions and projects that can

be submitted to me for feedback.  


Your growth and empowerment is the goal

of this color focused class.


Kolour Kulture Koaching Webinars $599

 Webinars Including 1 hour of personal coaching $699.

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Have you ever needed color support or guidance in a sticky color situation?

I can help!  You can now purchase phone coaching sessions.  You will be able to schedule a time with me for color coaching, consultations, and advice for upcoming color services.  But what happens if you have an unforeseen emergency question?  You will be able to have a return call within 15 minutes for a CRITICAL CALL.  


The goal of  the call is to provide a source of information readily accessible to you 

 instead of having to wait for a class.  This is a color lifeline available to assist you with your customized educational needs one on one. 


Critical Calls  DOUBLE MINUTES

Are you serious about taking your color business to the next level?  The one on one coaching series is designed to mentor and guide you through a process to successfully evolve and elevate your business.  You will be engaged in weekly/biweekly sessions of education.  Each session will be  followed by mandatory assignments and projects that are to be completed and presented at the next session.  All sessions will be done via Zoom or Skype for 1 hour weekly or 2 hours biweekly.  These coaching sessions will provide education, guidance, counsel, and direction through the program.  Our goal is to establish you, your salon, and your brand as a true colorist.  We will assist you in all areas of color for your business: Education and comprehension of basic to advanced color theory at your own pace.  You will gain knowledge through experience and study.     

I am here to challenge you to grow and develop you as a confident colorist. 


Motor skill development -foil drills, placement, and techniques are necessary for the effective execution of color projects. Critical thinking- scenario drills to improve problem solving skills and proficiency.Weekly performance exercises- perfect practice makes perfect. A s you learn the skill, you have to master the skill.  Product support- provide guidance and create a purchase schedule for developing your color bar and tools necessary to function at the colorist level.

Back office support- developing price lists, menus, consultation and release forms.  
Branding- social media, advertising, and outsourcing for logo, websites,

and marketing modules and budgets. 


6 month coaching commitments come with one day of in person training and testing.  This will be done in Maryland at my salon.  We will spend the day ( 6 hours) of reiteration

and strategizing for your next level.  


All 12 month commitments will include training for certification as a graduate from the Kolour Kulture Academy.  Your certification will allow you to be identified as a kolour specialist on our website in the stylist directory.  You will also be entitled to one (1) in person VIP training session at your location of choice.  We will spend 6 hours training and testing while solidifying strategies to ensure you are functioning as a colorist.  I  am there to challenge you!     I am here to stretch you!


3 month $2,500

6 month $5,000

12 month $10,000


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