The Kolour Kulture Texture vs. Race Summit will equip you with the power to overcome all your personal challenges when it comes to coloring textured hair.  You will leave this event fully equipped with solid pointers for formulating the right color solutions and tactics to increase your profitability by mastering diverse hair textures.



In today’s mixed and culturally diverse communities, now more than ever before is the time to leave all sensitivity, biases, and social stereotypes at the door to serve clients of all hair types and ethnic backgrounds.  Kolour Kulture is pleased to present the Texture vs. Race Summit as your go-to resource to give you the career breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

It doesn’t matter if the client’s hair is straight, wavy, curly or kinky, a true colorist can do it all!

Daily Schedule 

Daily Schedule 




Opening Session hosted by Keya Neal

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Texture VS Race Is a Movement to Bring Our

Industry Into the 21st Century


~Day 2~


Opening Session hosted by Keya Neal


Kreating a Kulture of Diversity and Inclusion  



Presenter: Kashonna Holland, Corporate Training and Development Leader


Learn the best practices associated with hiring, facilitating, and servicing in and for a  diverse work environment. Presentation includes team building, group activities and exercises


Texture Diversity Small Group Chats

Noon -1pm

N’awlins Style Lunch


Texture Vs Race Theory



Presenter: Keya Neal


This highly interactive and series of demos will teach the ins and out of all textures, the differences, and rules of engagement.


Lessons Learned:

  • Understand the differences in all  textures and types

  • Develop the understanding of the language of texture

  • Learn how to color textured hair

  • Learn the chemistry of textured hair

  • Master blonding techniques

  • Creating  a strong game plan

  • Master Diverse techniques, treatments and chemical applications


Pick Mix Cocktail Party


Mix and mingle and determine your designated group to transform selected models of varying textures while choosing your very own model to transform during Monday’s performance class.  NOTE: Models to be selected must fall outside of your comfort zone.


** VIPs to select model preferences first **

Texture Vs Race Break Down

Keya Neal2.png

Click Here To Check Out Keya Neal As She Breaks-Down 

Texture Vs Race



“The ethnic market is growing day by day. Now more than ever before, hairstylists are confronted with a multi-textural clientele requesting color services and more while embracing their natural curls. For this reason, the Texture Vs Race Summit was established to empower ALL stylists with the required skills to meet the needs of today's diverse clientele without making them feel marginalized.”


~ Keya Neal, founder of Kolour Kulture

Texture vs Race Eradicates Texture Fear Through Knowledge

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