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If you are ready to take your color skills to the next level, don’t miss our Kolour Interpretations program where we keep it real on the color mistakes stylists make and a color tutorial to help you get it right the next time.  We won’t sugarcoat this though, It’s fast paced, in-depth, and advanced knowledge to take you to a new pinnacle with your coloring skills on textured hair, so if you can’t handle the heat, then go home!


We have a special place in our heart for colorists, so we show our colorist some tough love to encourage growth.  In this class, you’ll learn in great detail about all things color, including secondary, and tertiary colors, accurately measuring levels of lift, compliment colors, contributing pigment, horizontal placement, toner and more.

 We are a part of the solution

~Russell Romano Kulture Kamp 2017

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The 11th Hour




Don't miss out on these dynamic classes. Stay on top of the trends with these leading industry educators. They will share Cutting techniques, color, extensions, business, marketing, branding, retailing, makeup techniques and much more!!!

Hands-On Experience

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Wanting to step up your coloring game? Whether its physical technicality, kolour formulation, or learning new ways of painting, we have you covered with our Kolour Interpretations Hands-on Experience! This two-session color education series will go through the basics, advanced of everything kolour related to ensure that you are ready to paint the town!


A true learning experience

~Samantha Ray

Kolour Kulture Online

Not Able to Attend a LIVE Kolour Interpretations Class on Tour?


Join Kolour Kutlure’s Online University to take Kolour Interpretations at your salon or on your couch!  A full 6-hours of kolour education, this class will teach you the keys you need to learn in order to be a successful colorists for all hair textures, including how to do the following:

  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

  • Accurately measure the levels of lift you get with a certain volume of peroxide.

  • Measure lift/deposit ratio.
    What it means to

  • The 5 things to consider when formulating.

  • What contributing pigment is.

  • What toner is.

  • The effects you will get with certain percentages of color as well as the effects you get with horizontal placement.

Stylists are artists, first and foremost


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