November 1, 2021
10am - 7pm


We would like to present the second ever “repHAIRations,” taking place on November 1st! It is time for all of us to take action to REPAIR our industry and serve REPARATIONS to the community that has been underserved and underrepresented. The second ever, this event brings healing and repair to a damaged industry through our core mission. The Texture Vs Race mission is to elevate the industry through education for ALL hairdressers about ALL textures.

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Recently the dialogue has shifted in the beauty industry. Textured hair has taken center

stage. We are educating the masses on texture, but there still exists another market that is

still being underserved: the black hairstylist.

  • Less than 20% of the black community go to the predominantly white trade shows.

  • Most educational marketing material do not make it to urban pipelines.

  • Major brands do not participate in ethnic dominate shows.

It’s time we address the mutual lack of education for the black stylist when styling straighter

textures of hair. While there is no shortage of “straight hair education,” there is a shortage

of this education reaching the black community.

Our intention is to educate the black/brown community at the same rate that we are

educating the white market. We must level the playing field for all stylists.

Cross pollination of education is required to repair this broken system.


We all must continue to evolve, as our industry is forever changed.

Through the racial uprising, we have unearthed the divide that exists in the beauty

industry and it is time to close this gap. It is time to repair and rebuild- better,

stronger and more united.

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THE EVENT 11.01.21

repHAIRations is a full day of online education and a forum for open dialogue about

multi-cultural styling. This will include LIVE Look, Learn, & Listen education showcasing black & white artists, educators, session stylists, and influencers.

For each ticket purchased, we will award a gratis ticket to a BIPOC This is a part of the reparations that provide equity to the black community of hairstylists. This is a form of allyship. We need YOU to do your part in shaping this industry into a viable entity where everyone thrives. We must make room, not take up more room.

In addition to the scholarship award, your ticket sales will be used to support our favorite charity and Black Organization- Until Freedom . We will also provide aid to black students who may be struggling with day-to-day expenses associated with mastering their crafts. 


Last day for registration  10.21.21 @ 11:59 PM




Some of the industry’s top artists are donating their amazing talents, time, and voice to our platform.


It’s important to understand that we ALL play a part in the repairing of the beauty industry.


Help spread the word by sharing this event on your platforms.

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We appreciate your willingness to be a part of something that is bigger than us individually. Whether you are a brand,

an artist, or a stylist, thank you.


By sharing your gifts, voices, privilege, resource, or platform, you are supporting the MOVEMENT, providing restitution to some, and modeling an example of professional cohesiveness to

ALL beauty professions all over the world.

Keya  Artistically Neal

Beauty Brand  D & I Consultant


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Elevated Color Melting Techniques For All Textures

Gina Churchill2.jpeg

Being a versatile hairdresser is the key to driving more revenue and clients into your salon! Join Genia Church, Schwarzkopf Professional USA Artistic Team Member and 2020 NAHA Finalist, to learn how to master two different color melting techniques that are perfect for ALL textures from subtle to high intensity and as much or little drama as you desire.

Cassandra McGlaughlin headshot.jpeg

Over the last 10 years Cassandra has been privileged to speak on stages internationally sharing her love for haircolor on behalf of some of the largest haircolor companies sharing stage with some of the biggest industry icons such as Gordon Miller, Sam Villa, Robert Cromeans, Justin Isaac and Jenny Strebe. Her passion for education has lead her to be one of the most requested color educators in the country. She is also sought out for her insight on salon business and social media best practices. She has been featured in many of the leading industry magazines, in fact, in 2015 she was named as one of Modern Salon’s “Top Five Instagrammers to Watch.”  She has also been a featured panelist on 9 HairBrained Social Media panels, and on Tracy Hugh’s Leading Ladies panel. 


Balayage & Color Correct with Ease

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Brandon Corbitt was born for the beauty world. Since the age of 8, he has been in the hair and makeup industry. Since starting in theater over 25 years ago, Brandon has devoted over a decade to being an international hairdresser and educator. Brandon has an intense passion for the hair industry, therefore, immersing himself into almost every aspect of the business from “paying his dues” as an assistant, owning a salon in Pennsylvania, and now working in his new home city - fabulous Las Vegas. Brandon’s passion for hairdressing has led him to many career paths: being a platform artist, educator, trainer, corporate digital education manager, product tester, and master artist for the global brand Joico. He continues to inspire, educate, and train hair dressers globally for Joico while working behind the chair. His top accolades include Guinness World Record holder for longest hair education stream, published work in multiple industry publishing’s like, brand largest digital training, and - the largest accomplishment - doing hair and wigs for Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love” music video. Brandon doesn’t specialize in just one area of hair but in all facets of hair including but not limited to color corrections, color intensity fantasy, multidimensional reds/violets/ brunettes, extensions, wigs, blonding, cutting, and styling for all genders.

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There’s possibly no better home for hairdresser and Educator, Leticia McKay-Everett, than Joico, where her downright infectious “joi” for sharing knowledge and learning infuses her students with a renewed excitement that they bring back to their own salons. Whether it’s helping women maintain healthy curly hair, schooling clients on the importance of home care, or inspiring other pros to become the best version of themselves, Leticia – based in Dayton, OH -- is known for practicing what she preaches. An unparalleled pro in world of natural hair, her hallmark spirited style makes learning a lively, fun, achievable experience.

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True Chemistry: Ingredients

BA headshot NBPT in chair at salon.jpeg

Brenda Amaral is a salon owner, and Co-Founder of True Hair Education. T.H.E is a company that is committed to bringing industry professionals truly non-branded education. Brenda was an Evaluator and member of the former American Board of Certified Haircolorists. She is also a highly sought after colorist still working behind the chair.


She has trained thousands of stylists over her 20 years in the education field. Brenda has a passion, love, and endless energy for the hair industry and the people that work in it. She has experienced almost every aspect of it from being a receptionist, stylist, platform artist, as well as manufacturing. All of her education is based on the chemistry of hair and the chemicals that we work with. Her goal in life is to share her information and help as many salon owners and stylists make more money and have a blast while doing it!


The Bumble Approach: Razor Cutting

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At Bumble and bumble our hairstylists use the razor to create timeless, effortlessly stylish cuts.  Join Bumble Global Educator Christiaan as he shares our approach to cutting with the straight razor.  Learn some of the basics of the tool, how we use it to provide movement and versatility as well as how to create looks customized to suit the individuality of each client.  

Christiaan has been working behind the chair, on photo shoots and backstage at Fashion Week for 20 years, getting his start in his home city of Los Angeles.  Now based in New York, Christiaan has been a part of the Bumble and bumble education team since 2010.  In addition to teaching cutting, styling, and personal development courses, Christiaan also develops content and curriculum for Bumble and bumble University.

The Art of Toning
featuring Color Wear Gloss Toner

Understanding lifting and melanin residue aka Underlying Pigment is the KEY to properly formulating your toner. Learn how to identify melanin residue and level to complement, correct, or naturalize your end result using Color Wear Gloss Toner.


Jeannetta Walker-Rodgers is an Alfaparf Milano Master Colorist and Texture Expert. She has been a hairstylist, colorist, and hair extensionist for over 20 years. Jeanetta is currently based in Metro Atlanta but is originally from Chicago. When she is not performing major hair color transformations and changing her client's lives in the salon, you can find her teaching and educating hairstylists around the country how to lift and color hair, and more specifically highly textured hair. She emphasizes healthy hair care and proper styling techniques. She –and Alfaparf Milano–believe in helping hairdressers be the very best colorists they can be and feel confident working on all hair types and textures

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Keeping Focus on Social Media 


Level up your social media strategy with Daniel Mason-Jones! Learn how to develop an authentic brand voice, create unique content and grow as a social media expert to increase your income and business


Foundations in Hair Fabric and Texture Styling


As President and Director of Education of the Chicagoland based Essations family brand, Stephanie not only handles the day-to-day operations, but she is also responsible for educating stylists and professionals who work for the brand. With more than 26 years of experience in the industry, Stephanie uses her expertise to propel the brand and stylists to the next level. “My experience with making products (including the chemical compounds and structure), combined with my extensive knowledge of hair come together to make me an expert in the industry. I can analyze and understand both the product make up and the hair's potential reaction to it all at the same time. That's my edge.” She works side-by-side with chemists and suppliers to develop, test, and manufacture products that promote healthy hair.


In addition to product development, Stephanie has a passion for building industry leaders and is dedicated to sharing her expertise to assist stylists in reaching and maximizing their potential. She has worked relentlessly to develop several programs that not only reach back to up-and-coming stylists, but also assist veteran stylists with elevating their brands and increasing salon revenue.

Ms. Mimi has many titles, including CEO,.Hairstylist, National Educator, Mentor, Author, Brand Ambassador, Product Developer, Licensed Instructor and the Beauty Business Strategist! The Cosmetological Entrepreneur of Operations is an honored 25 year licensed Cosmetologist, who works from a logical perspective as an Entrepreneur who is present in her day to day Operations. She has graced many stages over the past 15+years as a National Educator for the Essations and Naked by Essations brand. She is the proprietor of Chiq Salon by Mimi in Dallas, Texas where she services the Naturally Sassy or Chemically Classy clients with services from a trichology/hair loss aid, to designer cuts, color creation, or styling for the classy or trendy woman. Her mane concern is providing care to the healthy hair textures that you were born with. As a Beauty Business Strategist, she believes that you must have a complete brand presents that exude your CREATIVE works as well as a Savvy business ACUMEN.

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Blonde Solutions:
Texture over everything

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Blonde Solutions is single handedly changing the hair industry by achieving high levels of blonde while keeping integrity for ALL HAIR TYPES. Join CEO and co founder Aymen Eldabli as he shows the true power of Blonde Solutions on textured hair as well as pro tips on our exclusive Liquid Toners. 

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November 1, 2021
10am- 7 pm est